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A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

Darling has always celebrated creativity, that most elusive and desirable human quality. It enriches our lives beyond measure, and it is at the heart of our brand. Creativity comes in many forms. Admiring a beautiful painting, losing oneself in a musical piece, enjoying an exquisite meal, or marvelling at a piece of superb writing. All that touches all our lives in all sorts of ways and makes the world a better place. Our Women in Arts & Culture section celebrates the many amazing women in the creative fields.

Creative arts are increasingly recognised as important as science. It helps to create diverse and wealthy economies and enhance individual wellbeing and positive mental health. We have, through history, always been drawn to the creative arts, and the modern world is nothing if not visually and creatively supercharged. We have social media platforms vying to catch the eye and stand out, bombarding us daily with beautiful imagery and creative ways of enhancing our way of life.

This influences our purchasing decisions and forms our dreams and aspirations. Women have always been brimming with this creative life force, and now more than ever are using their skill and creative talent to enrich society and culture. Many women drive to change their and our lives for the better, whether through small kitchen table ventures or through leading international corporations.

Here Darling showcases and celebrates women from all ages and walks of life whose creative drive is not only adding beauty to and enriching their own communities, but who are influencing and changing our societies and cultures, making a mark and making a positive difference. These are our inspirational Women to Watch in Art and Culture.

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