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Naturally confident

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I started using POSY last year - tried regular deodorant just before Christmas and realised what a difference it had made. POSY doesn't mark my clothes, keeps me fresh smelling through day, I love that it's natural and that packaging is environmental friendly. It allows natural sweat without usual BO smell, even during exercise. Great company, fantastic product!

Bean Redeemed

I purchased the Posy Shampoo and Conditioner bars as I loved the idea of toiletries that are both eco and travel friendly. The products left my hair feeling clean, soft and easy to manage and as someone with quite long hair, with a mind of it’s own, that’s no mean feat!

Jo Berrington

Dear Posy I needed to provide feedback as your products are literally life changing! My niece has been born with Type 1 diabetes. When growing up it was impossible to find any deodorant that didn’t interact with her sweat. Since using Posy she has had no issues/interactions nor side effects and this is the first time in her life she can raise her arms with confidence.

Mrs Little

I bought my first Posy Deodorant a few weeks ago and I have been so impressed. I tried a different ‘natural’ deodorant previously and it just did not cut the mustard. Posy is AMAZING! Lovely smelling, applies really easily and it works!!!!! Looking forward to trying the other flavours!!!


Love this deodorant. Keeps me fresh all day, and doesn’t leave marks on clothes.


Fantastic deodorant, keeps me fresh all day and doesn’t stain my clothes. It doesn’t impact the environment and is very kind to my super sensitive skin. It arrived in the post and is easy to use. Because it’s not liquid it is great for air travel. Can’t wait for new products in this range. Thank you Posy.

Fleur Tweehuysen

It’s smells clean and fresh and goes on well. Having previously used a 48hr anti-perspirant, I’ll admit to being nervous about its effectiveness – I shouldn’t have been…. it’s very effective and I think I sweat less as I’m not blocking up my pores with chemicals! There’s no going back for me now! Posy all the way!

Kate Talbot

“Posy ® London is a small family company and the products are handmade in the UK. Founded by Dale Campbell who is a trademark and intellectual property specialist by profession. Her passion for cleaner living, environmentally packaged and natural skincare products led her to develop her own. It started with her hunt for a natural deodorant that would work as effectively as the major brands. Her extensive research and experiments resulted in the Posy deodorant which now comes in a multiple of wonderful scents.”

Posy’s ethos is to make eco-friendly products that are super effective and safe for you to use, and also kinder for the environment. 

The deodorants have only natural and organic ingredients and are packaged in an eco-friendly paperboard tube. They also make shampoo bars and conditioner bars – which eliminate the need for a plastic bottles. All the ingredients essentially come from coconut, with butters and oils and essential oils added to the mixture.

Posy aims for a positive impact in reducing single use plastic packaging, using recycled materials or no packaging at all as in there conditioner and shampoo bars.

Great care and emphasis is put on choosing where the ingredients come from, down to the details of which communities produce is used and also on researching what effect they have on you. Only natural and organic ingredients that are great for you and sustainable for the environment are chosen. 

Posy is on a mission to make it that little bit easier to care for yourself and care for the environment. We want you to be naturally confident in the products that you choose to use.  

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Naturally confident

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