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Annabel Hill Design
Beautiful furnishings created from original artwork printed onto fabrics
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Original art printed into cushions and shades, inspired by North Devon nature
annabel hill

“Welcome to Annabel Hill Designs at Darling! I'm Annabel and the founder. I hope you enjoy shopping the range.”


Inspired By Nature

Since childhood Annabel has been obsessed with nature and drawing, spending many holidays in the Shropshire countryside. Encouraged by her artistic family she went on to study both Textile Design and Environmental Science. After working in London selling in shops, art shows, and also for environmental charities and school art clubs, she moved to rural North Devon to pursue her dream of setting up her own studio.

After finding a cute cottage she converted a cold and dark garage to a lovely light space! Now she could create and print! After more training in paper printing in Exeter, she bought 2 printing presses.
In the last couple of years her work has honed in on very local hedgerows and rock pools of the local beaches.

She loves to experiment with her Olympus camera and macro lens and also likes to gather flora to analyse, draw and paint back in the studio. Often she likes to draw a plant first then create a print using a technique which would best suit the plant. For example she focused and drew some hazel catkins then created some drypoint prints from them (which use fine and delicate lines to suit these intricate seed heads)

She also likes to just paint native woodland flora which she did over the first Lockdown. Sometimes she creates patterns via digital software which become printed onto cotton then wrapped around shades and cushions. Sweet Pea and Budlife were created like this.

Other designs look like Kaleidoscope patterns of plant stems and leaves. She collects Hedgerow flora, prints them with the press and develops the image into designs.

Her work continues to evolve; she is currently mixing up lino block printing with screen printing. Her latest exhibition is held at a local gallery concentrating on seaweed designs printed on naturally dyed cloth using her own screen and block print designs. She also sells in Dartmoor galleries and loves the drive across the moors laden with furnishing goodies!

Her teaching practise at her studio, Appledore Print Studio, gives her lots of joy also helping
pupils to develop and find creative potential.

Annabel Hill Designs at Darling

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Sustainability is key so only natural fibres and feather cushion pads (from a studio in Scotland) are used.

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