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Navigating the UK’s school system can be confusing for the most of us parent, especially if you didn’t grow up here. It can be even more bewildering if you, as a parent, went to either through the state or private (independent schools) schools and education system and now wish your child to follow a different route. It can be difficult to decide what’s best for your child, even if you had the best educational experience yourself as your child is not necessarily going to thrive in a similar environment that was right for you.

There is a lot to consider, not only whether private is better for your child and if you decide it is then at what age should your child start in the private system. Is it best to follow one system throughout their education journey? What about single sex vs co-ed schools? Should the choice be the same if you have a daughter or a son as some believe one gender benefits more from single sex sex education than the other. And the opinions are very much divided on this.

We also cover a wide range of topics that are of great concern to many parents. These include cyber bullying, online schooling, how rugby skills can help troubled teenagers, financial literacy for children and growing up in care to name a few.

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