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Joanies mulberry silk

The home of personalised silk nightwear, pillocases and accessories.

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FOr your best sleep try 100% mulberry silk pyjamas, pillow cases & accessories.

“Welcome to Joanies at Darling! We are Charlotte, Rebecca and Eleanor, sisters and the founders of Joanies. We hope you enjoy shopping our range.”

Charlotte, Rebecca and EleanorFounders

Because bedtime should be beautiful.

Joanies is a small family run business established by three sisters, Charlotte, Rebecca and Eleanor who believe that experiencing luxury should be something all women can enjoy. The founders of Joanies wanted to find a way to make luxury nightwear accessible to all. 2020 was a year that challenged us all both physically and emotionally. Joanies was born out of a desire to remedy these challenges by helping its wearers to find joy and comfort in everyday activities.

Charlotte, Rebecca and Eleanor are so excited to introduce our beautiful collection of nightwear to Darling Readers. They want elevate the everyday by ensuring that bedtime is always beautiful. The sisters are lovers of luxury who have not always had the budget to match their apparel desires. To counter this, they have designed and created a stunning capsule collection of silk and cashmere nightwear in a calm and muted palette which will add a little luxury to your bedtime routine. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for us all and Joanies believe that we all deserve to treat ourselves with life’s little luxuries. By purchasing our silk and cashmere nightwear you can experience the health benefits of the best quality natural materials and look beautiful in the process.

Whether shopping for a gift, or simply treating yourself Joanies’ new collection brings unrivalled quality and indulgence at an affordable price point. Experience the ultimate luxury by drifting off to sleep in 100% mulberry silk pyjamas and matching accessories.

The collection includes an array of beautiful 19 momme silk nightwear and accessories in a subtle and serene colour palette; long sleeve silk pyjamas, silk scrunchies and silk eye masks along with cosy cashmere bed socks.

All products are packaged in beautiful rigid gift boxes. Items in the collection range from £10 to £135, meaning there is something to suit all budgets. We aim to bring beautiful silk nightwear to the mainstream by offering our silk nightwear at an affordable price point.

The many health benefits 2020 has taught us the importance of self-care and has subsequently led to an increased demand for products that not only benefit our health and well-being, but that also look amazing in the process. Joanies fills this gap with its luxury sleepwear collection, offering its wearers the chance to feel beautiful and relaxed from the comfort of your own home.

Sleeping in silk has been proven to reduce skin irritation, diminish signs of ageing and calm the nerves to give its wearers a longer and deeper night’s sleep. Joanies have combined these health benefits with a serene colour palette which should help its wearers sleep soundly and look beautiful in the process.

Joanies at Darling

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Because bedtime should be beautiful…

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