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Women of Inspiration Candles

Luxury hand poured aromatherapy candles

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I’m a candle addict and was delighted to find eco friendly scented candles on the Darling shopping site. I absolutely love the smell of Gloria, slightly musky oakmoss & sea spray and Indra with a really fresh mimosa scent.

Helena WhitakerKingston upon Thames

What an amazing candle. I thought I’d try ‘Gloria’ as I usually like a more heavy, earthy smell and I just love it! Even smells great when cold. Nicely labeled and packaged in its gift box, it arrived promptly and I like the helpful care card it came with. Going to try ‘Oku’ the rose one next.

Zara Elliot

I recently bought the Indra candle in a beautiful turquoise/green glass from the ‘Women of Inspiration’ range with its gorgeous mimosa and citrus smell. Makes a great gift for someone getting over Covid!

Natalie StevensWest Wimbledon

“Create a delicate atmosphere that comes from aromatherapy oils and natural soya wax with candles that burn cleaner and longer”

Karine Torr and Marja-Leena ToselandEditors & Publishers of Darling Magazine UK

 Relaxing and unwinding is such an essential part of a healthy balanced life

Indulge in these luxury 100% natural non-gm soya wax, vegan, cruelty free and essential oil Women of Inspiration scented candles and you will certainly feel soothed and at ease, as well as inspired. These beautiful aromatherapy candles create a delicate atmosphere that comes from natural, high grade essential oils and burn cleaner and 20-50% longer than paraffin, or mineral, based candles.

We love how they also add a soft glow to the ambience of any room and that they’re long-lasting too. Our candles smell amazing when lit, but they also let off a beautiful scent in a room when unlit too!

We a wanted to combine elegant feminist designs and luxury natural ingredients in order to make candles that will be perfect as beautiful gifts, just in time for Christmas.

Relaxing and unwinding is such an essential part of a healthy balanced life.

Our luxury candles would fit any interior. Choose your favourite colour and scent.

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Women of Inspiration Candles – created by Darling Editors Marja-Leena and Karine 

We love candles and working with women so a limited range of bespoke candles celebrating some of our favourite female icons was a great way to combine the two. Our candles are 100% natural, non-gm modified soya wax blended with wonderful essential oils so they are good for our well being too. We found Alice, an expert candle maker, at our doorstep in South London. She expertly hand pours our favourite fragrance blends into classic glass jars in beautiful colours. Candles are not just for mood, they create magic and mystery. We wanted each one to be dedicated to an iconic woman so that every time the flame is lit, it will remind you of the courage and dreams of powerful women from all parts of the world.

Our ‘Women of Inspiration’ candle labels were illustrated by Alina, a talented young artist and graphic designer living in London. Alina co-launched the magazine SHE back in 2018 to open up the conversation about the taboos of the human experience. During lockdown, she has gone back to her roots of art and literature and is developing a new path within the music industry. In case you’d like to exchange lockdown thoughts or just want to say hello, feel free to do so via Instagram.

IG: @palinabay / email: alina.neukirch@web.de

Alina Neukirch creative London

“Women of Inspiration’ candle labels were Illustrated by Alina, a talented young artist and graphic designer living in London.”

AlinaArtist behind the labels

Women of Inspiration Candles at Darling

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