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Hope you are coping ok with all that this pandemic is throwing at you! In our letter from the Editors we’d like to just let you know a bit of we are thinking and what’s extra special in our magazine that may be of interest to you, dear readers.

In these unpredictable times, at least we can all bank on the sure signs of spring, with daffodils outside my window and blossoms on the apple trees. This issue is bursting with promise and potential with a focus on getting back to business as our high streets spring back to life.

Leading the way is our inspiring woman Rohini Finch and her amazing life journey in a man’s world. Campaigners Gina Miller and Nikki Williams tackle the big issues – a fair deal for the excluded UK and the importance of the new Environmental Social and Governance protocols for our lives and businesses.

Our passion for supporting female entrepreneurs continues. Meet the founders behind our beautifully curated products on Shop with Darling online and don’t miss our special features on the best Surrey and South West London schools, home and fashion, beauty and mental health.

We look at some spring styles for inspo and interview Emma Birch, diversity campaigner, wheelchair fashion and style influencer on Insta who has a great story to tell.

We’re celebrated International Women’s Day/Month with the WOW Festival online for this year and always well worth attending. It brings a very special sisterhood together and highlights women’s issues all over the world. 

Of all the valuable lessons we’ve learned in lockdown perhaps the most abiding will be the truth of Samuel Goldwyn’s famous maxim, “Only a fool would make predictions – especially about the future.” There is optimism in the air as the vaccination programme gathers speed, at least in the UK. Sadly the rest of Europe, and most of the world too, are still struggling to get supplies of the jabs.

With strict travel restrictions in place until May (fingers crossed) and possibly a major opening up in June, let’s make the most of this short quiet and stay-at-home time. I bet we’ll miss it when we’ll return to our hectic lives again. 

Like so many of our clients in South London and Surrey, we’ve had to tighten our belts and take it on the chin. We’ve used this more leisurely pace by filling our Darling online magazine with plenty of stories and features. New on the scene is our very own online shop, selling carefully curated ethical brands by wonderful small indie businesses. Take a look and support a small business next time you are looking for ethical buys. Our skin and hair care products, scented candles, jewellery, activewear, collagen supplements, fabulous art prints or a hat to keep you shaded and looking stylish are just some ideas.

We have nice prizes and fun competitions in store for you too, so try you luck and subscribe to our magazine newsletters and / or shop news and offers. Double your chance of winning by subscribing to both!

Happy reading,

Karine & Marja-Leena xx


Karine & Marja-Leena. Photo by Annie Armitage.
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