Dear Darling Readers,

Of all the valuable lessons we’ve learned in lockdown perhaps the most abiding will be the truth of Samuel Goldwyn’s famous maxim, “Only a fool would make predictions – especially about the future.” A second wave? A vaccine? Another lockdown? Another conspiracy theory? Who knows, and who would be foolish enough to pretend to. As we write this, all the best intentions, precautions and prevarications about a controlled “easement” of the lockdown and its appropriate social distancing rules have gone out of the window with half of the world or more filling city streets to bursting in solidarity with George Floyd. We are with them in spirit.

For all that, we can say with some certainty that the first green shoots of “normality”, as we used to call it so fondly, are sprouting here and there through our beautiful patch of South East England. Shutters are unshuttering, doors are opening, and slowly but surely the tills are beginning to ring with the sound of business as usual. Like so many of our clients in South London and Surrey, we’ve had to tighten our belts and take it on the chin. While we were sadly unable to print and distribute our usual Summer issue, we’ve used the break to fill our Darling online magazine with all the news, views, interviews and stories we know you love and miss so much!   

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Happy reading,

Karine & Marja-Leena xx


Karine & Marja-Leena. Photo by Annie Armitage.