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Natural botanical extracts and their beneficial effects on skin

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GOLD AWARD WINNER - Hip & Healthy Best Sustainable Beauty Brand 2021! Shortlisted by Pure Beauty Awards 2021 - cast your vote.
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    SKIN Bliss Moisturiser

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    GLOW Age-Defying Serum

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    Radiance Facial Scrub

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    Nourishing Cleanser

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    Evening Elixir CBD Night Cream

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    FLAWLESS CBD Miracle Face Oil

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    Morning Dew CBD Day Cream

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Personally I have a very temperamental skin type, normally my skin reacts badly to certain cleaners; however my first impressions of the Nourishing Cleanser are amazing, I can’t comprehend how long I have been looking for a cleanser that not only reacts well with my skin type but actually makes a different to how my skin looks and feels. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry but makes it feel moisturised and nourished. Would 100% recommend!

Grace Sheppard DuffySouth London

I was immediately impressed by the beautiful eco-friendly packaging, the Nourishing Cleanser smells lovely and fresh, it creates just the right amount of lather and leaves your skin feeling incredible. The Skin Bliss Moisturiser has a gorgeous pearlescent glow to it which leaves the skin looking luminous (I have always been a fan of argan oil.) The CBD Face Oil was somewhat of a surprise as I usually don't get on with oils, having combination skin, however, this is non-greasy, absorbed beautifully, and kept my skin smooth and hydrated all day long, even under makeup! what a fantastic range of products!

Gemma ButcherLondon

I've been using Morning Dew CBD Day Cream on my face for a short while. The cream smells really nice and is really helping moisturise my skin well. It feels light and kind to my skin but definitely helps it to hold the moisture nicely.

Maelle AgelouLondon

I absolutely love the sens8ate cbd oil! I had very dry skin and all the creams and oils I used softened my skin only for a short time, but this oil makes it last for the whole day. What’s more I don’t wear makeup during the week and sens8ate cbd oil makes my face look matt and smooth as I had foundation on. During the winter my lips cracked and I used the oil twice what was enough for my my lips to recover. I highly recommend the product the more that it’s very efficient, lasts for long and works very well.
North London


“Authentic beauty is a natural and organic process; as an African, I truly appreciate the power of traditional benefits provided by mother nature”

Gomolemo ShirleyCo-founder of Sens8ate Photography Taylor Torr

 Clean and healthy skincare was an organic transition

Gomolemo Shirley is the co-founder of Sens8ate Natural Skincare Botanicals. This new premium, natural and vegan friendly brand is based in London. The products are blended with botanical ingredients and superfood oils that have been formulated to repair, nourish and rejuvenate.


Hip-and-healthy-Gold-winner-2021-sustainable-beauty-brandSens8ate has won the Hip & Healthy Sustainabille Beauty Award in 2021. Congratulations!

Born in South Africa, Gomolemo relocated to the UK around 9 years ago and with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communications. Branching into something creative and artistic has been a long-standing ambition as it is also at the core of who she is.  Clean and healthy skincare was an organic transition as was part of her purpose to contribute to the safety of the environment.

On relocating to the UK, she had decided her hair needed a fresh start. After years of using chemical relaxers she cut it in order to restore its natural lustre. As a result of this Gomolemo went on a journey to discover natural and clean products that were suitable for natural hair, so when her partner developed adult acne and skin inflammation two years ago, it was a natural process to go on a research mission.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, Gomolemo spent the last two years researching natural botanical extracts and their beneficial effects on skin. This led to the selection of the finest ingredients and raw materials to include in their products. There was also a heavy focus on biodegradable and sustainable packaging in the form of glass and wood with minimal use of recycled plastic where it is unavoidable.

“Authentic beauty is a natural and organic process; as an African, I truly appreciate the power of traditional benefits provided by Mother Nature”.

Featured in Cosmetics Business in February 2021 :

“When it comes to CBD-based beauty products, CBD (an oil extracted from the hemp plant) promises a range of health benefits, many of which have been praised for treating and preventing skin breakouts.

As a skin care brand, Sens8ate Skincare Botanicals advocate the use of CBD but with 0% THC (which means that all traces of THC – The Psychoactive Chemical of Cannabis have been removed).”


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