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72 Hair

For the love of hair

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I only needed a small amount of shampoo before it lathered beautifully in my hair.
As I massaged it in, I could smell the gorgeous aromas of the product; it smelt extremely relaxing. It instantly made my hair feel extremely clean and hydrated which is rare for products on their first use. It’s selling point is of course moisture and it really does deliver – my hair not only looked but felt so healthy.


I purchased the blow dry lotion and I definitely recommend it. From the moment I applied it to my hair it felt soft, for the first time in years my hair was easy to blowdry with no tangling and brittleness. Especially now it needs a trim in lockdown. I have resistant wavy frizzy hair. After the blow drying and putting straightners through I applied the oil and my hair felt amazing.


I’ve used the Nourishing Shampoo and Hydrating conditioner in the past which my hairdresser recommended and I would recommend all these products. Will definitely buy again.


Amazing shampoo & conditioner repair oil.
The shampoo & conditioner repair oil and dry cream were all amazing products. I’d highly recommend them all.

Narinder Bains

“There are such an array of products on the market for hair care and it can be quite confusing deciding which one would actually work.

If you are a fan of salon products, you’ll love 72 Hair.

They are professional grade products, offering great value with product that go a long way, leaving your hair in wonderful condition.”

Hairdressing is in the Green family’s DNA.
With three generations of hairdressers, the love of hair flows through their salon-grade collection of hair products: 72 Hair.

Meet the Greens: hairdressers with over 40 years of collective experience. Gary has a worldwide reputation for styling excellence, with salons in Miami as well as London. Matt is one of London’s go-to colourists, and now educates others to follow in his creative footsteps.

Johnny is 72 Hair’s ingredients expert, selecting the finest elements to make up the professional formulas. Nick is passionate about communicating 72 Hair’s philosophy to clients and ensures the finest salons stock the range.

Together, the Greens created 72 Hair, formulating the perfect products to do exactly what they needed for their clients’ hair. Now, their range is available online and in selected salons. 72 Hair believe in keeping things simple.
Their capsule collection contains all you need to create beautiful, shiny hair that’s easy to manage and looks fantastic, day after day.

Aside from the shampoos, which are specially formulated for different hair types, the rest of the range is suitable for all hair types. Ready for a great hair day, every day?

72 Hair remains a UK family run haircare brand that is currently gaining huge interest and being loved by many. Not only are salons using their products, but so are bloggers, influencers and the general public – and they are loving them! That’s not surprising as the product delivers professional-quality results at home.

“We are made in the UK, bottled in the UK and are certified vegan,” says Johnny, “Our packaging is recyclable and we never test anything on animals. Our ethos is to fall back in love with your hair – and our range of haircare really does do that. With selected ingredients such as avocado oil, wheat germ oil and hydrolysed keratin our range of hair care makes your hair look, feel and smell gorgeous. With eliminating frizz, nourishing and hydrating, you can fall back in love with your hair.”

“We are a family business and hairdresser passionate about hair and want to make everyone fall back in love with their hair.”

72 Hair at Darling

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Beautifully nourishing, professional grade vegan hair care

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