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Written by Amy Brew

With 2020 thankfully coming to close, we take a look new key trends in skincare beauty products and at what this year has offered us within the beauty community. This year’s trends are likely to be here to stay for the next year and beyond.  

What has become apparent, is that the beauty industry and its consumers are becoming more educated than ever and are using this to their advantage. Consumers take their time to really research brands and products in order to make knowledgeable decisions. There’s lot to take in as companies use more and more advanced technologies to create new and exciting solutions for our skincare woes.

What are the key trends at the moment?   

1) “Conscious Consumerism” – skincare plays its part in the sustainable and organic movement 

Today’s consumers have become much more aware of their carbon footprint and the desire to make eco-friendly decisions is strongly on the up. This means there has been a huge demand for products which use sustainable and recyclable packaging. In fact, one survey showed that 43% of women would pay more if the packaging was environmentally friendly. This has led to an emergence of boutiques and indie brands to focus on sustainability. They are using 100% recyclable packaging or openly supporting charitable organisations which support the environment. For example, the new brand Sens8ate Skincare, outline their philosophy which conveys their commitments to using biodegradable and sustainable packaging. They looked at a form of glass and wood, and only minimal use of recycled plastic where it is unavoidable.

We are witnessing a definite new trend towards using organic ingredients within cosmetic products. These products are safer for the environment, (taking into account anti pollution concerns), for the consumer and also for the manufacturers. The move away from the harsh chemicals and toxins have seen the organic and natural market grow by 23% in 2019. This successful movement has led to many of the big beauty brands focusing on a re-shift within their packaging and ingredient list. With skincare giants such as L’Oréal committing to using 100% eco-friendly packaging by 2025.  

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2) Microbiome Skincare – take a look at what’s good bacteria for your skin

The growing demand for natural beauty products, paired with holistic living and wellness, has created a new type of skincare which is driving the beauty industry. 

We all know about the importance of bacteria in our gut, but do we know about the importance of bacteria on our skin? Microbiome, which refers to the ecosystem of organisms which live on and inside our body are key to living a heathy life. Balancing the bacteria in our body is no easy task. With this latest innovation in skincare, microbiome balancing products could be the key to having happier skin. This is because the bacteria on our skin can determine how well products are absorbed, the appearance of the skin and its use as a barrier. Therefore, more brands than ever are coming out with a prebiotic range which incorporates fermented ingredients to feed and balance the healthy bacteria on our skin. 

3) Targeting skin from the inside out

There is an increasing awareness about the limitations of using topical, or externally applied products on our skin. We now know that these alone may not be enough for us to achieve the effects we truly desire. Targeting the skin from the inside out seems to be the second-best option. Aside from healthy eating and drinking, the rise in beauty supplements is now accepted as the new and convenient way to promote healthy, glowing skin.  

One of the most popular supplements is collagen, which is mainly responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Brands like Totally Derma are producing anti-ageing drink supplements which increase collagen and hydration levels throughout the body with visible results in skin, hair, nails and joints. It’s good to remember also that if your skin benefits from a supplement, the rest of your body is likely to also. Remember to always read the ingredient lists, and any claims and testimonials first. If in doubt, talk to a medical or nutritional expert about this new trend in skincare.

Other supplements focus on using botanical ingredients such as burdock root, enzymes and antioxidants reduce inflammation and promote a healthy glow. Drinking elixirs and herbal teas in hopes of increasing wellness and skin health are also growing in popularity. Moreover many brands are now being promoted by celebrities and influencers.  

4) A personalised approach to skincare  

Our approach to skincare and skin health is no longer a simple “one size fits all”. There is an increased demand for a personalised approach which is proven to be beneficial to many people. With the internet at our fingertips, many brands are taking on skincare quizzes to help customers find what products are most suited to them. This helps many people with limited knowledge of skincare to narrow down the type of products and ingredients they should be using. Ideally they are able to target any issues they may have for their skin type. 

However, with the constant advancement of technology, a hyper-personalised approach will be the next big thing. The use of skin swabs to analyse bacteria and DNA will lead to customised products which are tailored to your microbiome and genetic make-up.  

Home technology is also advancing and already out there, a company called HiMirror is acting as your own virtual and beauty health consultant. It works by using a photo of your skin and analysing its condition, the data is then stored for them to track progress over time to see if there are any improvements in your skin.  

5) Anti-Pollution skincare 

Pollution is a free radical which is silently destroying our skin and prematurely ageing us. It works by seeping into the pores and causing chronic inflammation which can result in wrinkles and sagging. This daunting information coming to light has prompted a widespread demand and increase in anti-pollution skincare, with Liberty London seeing an increase in sales of 166% in anti-pollution beauty.  

A huge range of products is labelled as anti-pollution, but as there is no complete blocker like SPF, the main way to combat these free radicals is through the use of vitamin C and antioxidants. These are found in a variety of products which range from serums to masks, to mists and foundations, all in the hope of strengthening the skin barrier and helping the fight against premature ageing. 

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