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Worried about your kids getting bored over the Summer? Outschool has the perfect solution.

Juggling work and family commitments can be even more challenging over the long school summer holiday, but education company Outschool have come up with a fantastic solution to entertain kids with their free summer programme.

This July, Outschool is hosting their  Great Outschool Campout – where kids can join in on summer-inspired activities like a virtual encounter with live reptiles and amphibians.Learners can also join a Leave No Trace workshop to empower youth to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

Learners will want to join the Campout Group where a range of camp-themed activities and challenges will be posted throughout the month of July. Challenges include building a shelter, create a camp treat, draw a powerful animal, and more. Kids can complete and share their projects for a chance to win prizes.

This is a great way to keep your children engaged with learning over the summer, whilst still being fun and entertaining. Parents can also get involved to help with the challenges, making it a great option for family fun.

So if you’re already fretting about scheduling summer, why not sign up!

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