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It’s safe to say that our health and wellbeing, and that of our loved ones, is a number one priority for most of us. It’s is also big business. In 2020, it was reported that the health and wellness industry in the UK was worth a whopping £20 billion. With such a huge range of ways to improve and invest in our health and wellbeing, whether it’s beauty, yoga, meditation, aesthetic treatments, spa days or mental health practices, women are leading the way.

Our Darling ‘Women to Watch’ Health & Wellbeing feature will focus on UK based women who are expanding our minds, healing our bodies and inspiring our futures. We’ll bring you the latest and greatest women in a broad range of fields to inspire and educate us on ways to aid and improve our health, sense of self and longevity. Experts in connecting us with mother nature and nurturing both our physical and mental health.

We’ll showcase leading women who deal with specific aspects of female health and wellbeing, such as pregnancy and menopause alongside those who cater to broader sets of individuals. With a lot of uncertainty in the world and people facing all sorts of issues, often we forget that without our health we cannot create the change we wish to see in the world.

Women are often more susceptible to experiencing mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Harmful stereotypes about sexuality and body image play a part in this also. The gender pay gap and Inequality at work put women at higher risk of physical and mental illness. We hope that by highlighting the wonderful women in the health and wellness sector, you, our readers will feel informed, inspired and perhaps even unlock a new way to increase your own health and wellness.

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