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I am a certified Life Coach and accredited Divorce Coach and live in Primrose Hill in London with my 10-year old son. In “another life” I was an award-winning blogger, a global mobility executive at Goldman Sachs and a Y4 teacher. Although I’ve been a qualified life coach since 2014, it was only in 2020 that I had a eureka moment (I was training with Tony Robbins at the time) that set me on the path to Divorce Coaching. After months of training and getting accredited in the UK, I now have clients all over the world. 

The end of my marriage left me feeling confused, embarrassed and like a complete and utter failure. My confidence and self-esteem took a bashing and I was left not really trusting my decision-making skills any longer. Today, I live a much happier and content life and empower other women to do the same. My diverse upbringing (I’ve lived in Liberia, England, Nigeria, India, Ireland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) also allows me to understand the cultural nuances within relationships and divorce. I support my clients in cutting through their cultural conditioning and manifesting a life they feel excited about, post-divorce.

Natasha Mahtani

How Natasha works with her clients

The grief we experience post-divorce can be likened to the grief we feel when a loved one passes and if our emotions are not processed, we may find ourselves repeating patterns that put us back in similar situations. As a divorce coach, I will work with you to:

  • identify areas you’re struggling with
  • help you dial down any negative emotions
  • identify your limiting beliefs and rewire them 
  • create stepping stones to move you towards a more compelling future
  • provide you with a tool kit of skills that will empower you post-divorce
  • teach you how to make your mind work for you
  • dare I say it, be grateful for your divorce

I’ll also save you a lot of money in legal fees! When you approach your divorce from a place of calm and courage, you’re less likely to be triggered by the actions of your ex. 

I start with a block of 6 sessions which allows us to identify what you need and the tools and strategies to move forward. Each week you’ll be given an action plan to help you keep the momentum and you’ll have access to me via WhatsApp chat. I have clients from Hong Kong to California and most of my sessions are via Zoom. Working with me, you’ll also have access to my network of financial advisors, family lawyers, a reiki master, property agents, a master NLP practitioner and even a professional organiser!

The pressure is on women to make marriage work

We still live in a society where the expectation is that a woman makes the marriage work and this burden is only further enhanced when there are children involved. Every woman I speak to, without exception, thinks about how she could have done things differently, even if she chose to leave her marriage. We’ve been culturally conditioned to keep things together, even when we’re worn down by the emotional labour and expectations placed on us. I don’t want anyone to get divorced, but if they choose that that is what they want, then I want to ensure they thrive. I empower my clients with the tools and strategies to navigate the tumultuous terrain of divorce and emerge as a much happier and confident version of themselves.

Email thrive@natashamahtani.com to book a free 1:1 call to see how divorce coaching can work for you. 

You can find me on Instagram @natashacoaches or at natashamahtani.com


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