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Our Editor Marja-Leena tested the Infrabaldan weight-loss device at the new Esthe Clinic in Richmond

Infrabaldan is proven to put your metabolism on hyperdrive, tone your body and leaving you feeling great with the happy hormones boosted. It triggers an anti-ageing action to detoxify, purify and regenerate tissues. It’s also clinically proven to improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Esthe Clinic is one of only three clinics in the UK to have the ground-breaking Infrabaldan 3.0 machine. It’s basically an exercise bike, where you lie down, surrounded with infrared lights. 

It was developed to help people with difficult to lose excess weight in specific areas, toning your body where it’s most needed. Great for injury recovery too. It combines selected infrared light with constant movement of the gentle pedalling of the exercise bike. The infrared radiation is harmonised with your heartbeat by the machine and this triggers aerobic metabolism. This really is a weight-loss device that actually works.

Infrabaldan also triggers the production of serotonin, endorphin and melatonin, which all help to improve feelings of wellbeing and vitality. This is great for stress relief and helps regulate your the sleep.

This is what I experienced during my 40 minute session

After a short consultation, explanation of the benefits and completion of a health questionnaire, I was shown how the machine works and how to stop it should I feel the need during the session. I was advised to strip off totally, leaving only my knickers on in order to experience the maximum benefit of the infrared light. I chose a moderate exercise mode and off I went pedalling at a fairly leisurely rate keeping to my set optimum speed. The lamps are very hot and I soon felt very warm. It’s not sauna hot, more like a bikram yoga studio temperature which is ideal for stimulating metabolism and releasing toxins from your body. Thanks to Netflix on the screen the 40 minutes almost flew by.

I felt great afterwards, the way I would after a great exercise session although not tired out. I also think that even just one session had a toning effect on my slightly wobbly waist area. As with all treatments and exercise, you need to have 2-3 sessions a week until your desired results are reached. You can then make it your regular routine as you would with your gym visits.

Summer offer – until 30 June: 24 session for the price of 12 

Also featured in The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments by Michael Mosely on BBC.  See link at estheclinic.co.uk/scientific-devices/

7 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UQ 

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