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FIT SW11 APPAREL was started by Michelle Sparman, a fitness coach and trainer, in December 2020

After clearing out my over flowing workout drawers, with the charity shops closed due to covid, I wanted to donate my things to women for free. So I decided to start an Instagram page to distribute them myself.

FIT SW11 APPAREL is England’s first FREE fitness clothing bank for women facing financial difficulties, providing good quality second-hand and new workout gear, empowering women and their workouts!

Interest in FIT SW11 APPAREL is growing with 1494 followers. Donations are coming in daily from all over the country. Fitness and sports companies large and small are getting involved and committing to helping others. I now have over two thousand items of clothing and trainers and have raised almost £1600 and currently have a Just Giving page. Fundraising covers postage and any clothing needs, like seven brand new pairs of trainers bought for the residents in the UK safe house for women and girls who have been trafficked all over the world. 

Many individuals have received donations by reaching out and FIT SW11 APPAREL has so far made large donations to a local girl’s secondary school, a charity providing free fitness classes for women, a counsellor in Berkshire and a nurse working with refugees, asylum seekers and homeless women. I currently have a big order to provide four local girls secondary schools with eighty workout tops and eighty leggings for Wandsworth Council’s “Get Active” initiative and recently donated a large box of fitness clothing to a women’s community boxing class. 

I am collaborating with Event Den to bring the brand to life this summer with an exciting free community wellbeing festival in a top-secret central London location!

Lots of high-profile celebrities, influencers and business women have donated clothing and shared fantastic Instagram stories, including Olympian Jenny Stoute, Davinia Taylor, Faye Edwards, Meg Matthews, Britas, Bobbi Brown, Gaby Logan, Rachel Peru and Jacqueline Gold MBE who recently presented me with a #WOW award for female entrepreneurs. 

Everyone can feel good with FIT SW11 APPAREL by spreading the word with cool stories and posts, making a donation to the FIT SW11 APPAREL Just Giving page or by donating clothing or requesting clothing for individuals and women’s organisations and charities.

FIT SW11 APPAREL is truly the peoples community charity!

Follow fitSW11apparel on Instagram for the latest updates.


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