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It’s been 20 years

Since opening their first store Wimbledon village 1997, Bayley & Sage have had a pretty meteoric rise in the independent deli and fresh food market in the London area. With nine shops currently serving the local London communities in Parsons Green, Fulham Road Northcote Road, Turnham Green, Park Gate Road, Wandsworth and Chelsea, they are still delivering the same great quality knowledge and providence of the produce over 20 years later. They reflect the best of the season when it comes to vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, or specially prepared seasonal dishes which are prepared in their own kitchens, with the high standards held throughout.

What’s new

Owner Jennie Allen has the best food buyers in town who have been frequenting the New Covent Garden market in the early hours of the morning for years to select the finest fresh produce. Customers also having the pick from famous fruit and vegetable markets in Milan as well as from a little town called Rungis just outside Paris, makes the produce an offer pretty unique and special. There’s a section on the website called ‘This Month’ and it tells customers what’s in store right now. You can even sign up to a newsletter to find out what’s coming into the stores with accompanying news from the growers. In this day and age people want to know where their food is coming from and what goes into growing it.

Keeping it cheesy

One thing Bayley & Sage is really well known for is it’s variety of amazing cheeses. They work with suppliers and producers from the smallest who produce a couple of cheeses to the most experienced affineurs on the continent. They have over 100 cheeses in the stores from the obscure to the classic and the staff are trained to let you know what’s best for your needs. There was great excitement in March this year when Bayley Blue, their own label cheese was launched, and lovers of blue cheese declared it a triumph. It is made exclusively for Bayley & Sage at a creamery in the Derbyshire dales called Hartington Creamery, established in the 1870s, where in 1900 Thomas Nuttall took over this creamery and started producing Blue Stilton cheese.

Take it home

Fresh food such as your own bespoke salad with an array of options in the Parsons Green and Wimbledon Village stores for example, is served Monday to Friday. Also available are homemade soups, sandwiches and salads as well as sausage rolls, quiches, and their famous scotch eggs and pizzas fresh from stone-based bread ovens, as well as delicious meals ready to take home and pop in the oven. There is so much more on offer in these amazing emporiums – tempting charcuterie and cold meats, British and European, the best olives and pates as well as a wide selection of antipasti and accompaniments, fabulous wines – just all too much to list here. So find your nearest Bayley & Sage and to indulge you senses and your love of food.

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