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We’re stepping out of lockdown in just a few weeks

As promised, here is my column part 2: Make this a week of fitness. In case you’ve missed the 1st column you can see it that end of this part.

You deserve to step out of lockdown like a celebrity, don’t let anything get in your way!

To ensure that regardless of whether you are eating chocolates off the chest of a lover or drowning your sorrows sharing a tub of ice cream with Bridget Jones, the workout below will help you feel fabulous and keep your weight on track for getting out of lockdown.

Before we get to the workout here are 5 tips to burn extra calories away from your training session.

5 tips to to burn extra calories

1. Stand on one leg when cleaning your teeth ( this will also work your pelvic floor without thinking about it )

2. Walk to the shops to buy your snacks

3. Regardless of being with a partner or not get some seriously good tunes on and dance or build a TikTok

4. Light candles all around the house, don’t forget to blow them out, getting those extra steps in!

5. Get yourself in the mood for action, we are all adults “me time” is a great way to reduce stress and burn a few extra calories. If you are with a partner take the lead role!

Now for the workout

As promised here is a workout I would give my clients to keep them looking and feeling incredible and take care of those extra calories they may have eaten through this period. The program has been designed to burn extra calories to maintain weight loss and keep you feeling healthy. The exercises selected ensure that as many joints as possible are used. This means it will target more muscles and require more energy (burning more fat) to move. Keeping the complexity of the movements simple allows you or my client to focus on working as hard as possible. All this will help to get the best results.

See videos below for correct way to do the exercises:

Column part 1: first 10 days of April

As celebrities are announcing massive weight gain or weight loss, now is your chance to make the necessary choices that can help you love the way you look when you next go “out out”. You’ve got 6 weeks to do this – be ready for post-lockdown. At least that’s what I’d like you to think.

Below is how I would go about training Adele for healthy, sustainable weight loss, with tips that can also help you or “someone like you” (see what I did there?) step out of lockdown looking like “when we were young”.

At the end of the article I will review one of the hot fitness tools seen here in Wimbledon and Los Angeles – the Core Momentum Trainer.

Joanne Groves fitness tips

Now back to Adele. Let’s start with nutritionNow back to Adele. Let’s start with nutrition

For Adele to lose weight she needed to move more in a way that she enjoyed. I would look at the balance of diet, exercise and non-exercise activity (explained below). Her training would be focused around an experience that makes her happy to spend more energy moving than digesting food and drink. For more specific help with Nutrition my celebrity would be referred to a specialised Dietitian for expert help. (This is not the role of a personal trainer or nutritionist).     

Joanne Groves fitness tips


The recommended daily calories for women are roughly 2000 and 2500 for men, to lose weight we need to increase the energy (calories) out and reduce the calories in, to about 1100 for women. Many trainers over simplify food and weight loss with “calorie deficit”. However, calories in a bowl of ice cream are not the same as calories in a bowl of kale. The calories digested from the kale compared to the ice cream are very different, it requires more energy to digest kale than calorie dense ice cream. This means it’s not just calorie counting, but calories digested. By the end of this blog you will have tips to reduce the calories you digest without leaving you “hangry” (hungry and angry).

5 tips to Improve the quality of the calories you digest

1. Download Dr Michael Greger’s Daily Dozen to help you increase the plant based foods you eat

2. Have healthy snacks available in the fridge

3. Drink a glass of water and have fibre (for example an apple) before every meal

4. Use MyFitnessPal to help keep track and encourage accountability (friend request me if this is something that motivates you).

5. Avoid fad diets – these will not help build a relationship with food, after the initial water loss you will left hangry, and heading for the yo yo button.

There are lots of ways to lose weight, but my aim is to make this healthy and not just short term (a case of Norovirus may make the scales drop, but it is not a healthy, sustainable solution).

To ensure, as a personal trainer, that Adele gets the best support, my focus would be on her fitness regime

It is important to remember we cannot out-exercise a bad diet. However, moving will not only make us healthier, reduce disease, it also means that by upping our exercise we can eat an extra 250 calories, making sure you are not left “hungry”. And you still lose weight!

Now, to create a program that is unique to Adele. I need to find out not just why weight loss is important to her, but what she would like to do if weight was not an issue; what exercises or sports she enjoys; what feelings she likes or dislikes during and after the session. With this information I can create an experience that makes her want to come back for more. Just like going to a great concert!

Components of the Exercise Program

Let’s start with strength

Adele gets to choose some of her favourite Strength exercises and I may add a couple she needs to do for at least 20 mins 2/3 a week . Working to the point she can feel her muscles getting tired. This is where I get to be best friend or drill sergeant!

Strength training consists of lifting weights, body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, press ups, star crumps, gardening, lifting and carrying children. You can join me for classes every morning in lockdown on Zoom to ensure you are doing these safely.

A short example of a Strength Workout

45 seconds on each exercise repeat 4 times through or until you feel your muscles fatigue. I wonder which ones you enjoy. Let me now in the comments.

To make sure Adele continues to lose weight her week would also need to consist of moderate or intense daily activity.

You can join me on Zoom for a free trial class. And, if you join the my programme you get £50 off as a Darling reader. Email me for details and the Zoom link. jo@joannegroves.com

The last tip is to increase your NEAT exercise, especially in Lockdown 

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the term for calories burned while you’re not training.

This could be from the moderate list above or here are a few extras…

1. Get up make a Nespresso/tea  (add your 30 squats for extra points!). 

2. Use technology, like an i-watch to track your steps, or set an alarm every 30 mins to make sure you get up from Zoom and walk around. 

3. Cleaning (not on my priority 😂) 

4. Have sex (me time or with your partner- if you are not in the mood look out for my next)

5. Organise a Dance off with the family, a great way to burn some extra calories while lifting everyone’s mood !

6. Join me on TikTok and challenge yourself to learn a routine (you don’t have to publish it, but it’s so much fun and not just for the kids!)


You too deserve to step out of lockdown in celebrity style! 

For any extra help email me to join my classes or Why not treat yourself to a Personal Trainer Experience!



Insta: @joannegr0ves

Rule the fitness tool Review

Joanne Groves fitness tips
Justin Richards ex pro football player loves it too

This month’s tool for review is the Core Momentum Trainer (or the giant rattle) from Escape Fitness.

You maybe beginning to hear about the wonders of The Core momentum Trainer or CMT, but what is it? what does it do? and why is it relevant to help you get results faster?

The CMT consists of the power core ( the coloured unit) that contains weighted lead shot pellets that make a noise when they are moved. It comes in three different weights. Red is evil! It has removable handles if you want to concentrate closer to the core ( every muscles around your spine, shoulders and hips ). Its audio feedback is fantastic to help you know you are doing it safely , and to distract you, giving you more fat burning from your workout. When you make the snap sound this is when the magic happens.

The CMT is fantastic at creating a better range of movement. For example, if you are a golfer or tennis player it will help improve your power. Due to the demand on the muscle working hard to slow down and react to your movement, you will raise your heart rate and burn more energy ( great for weight loss and feeling those core muscles around the spine ).

As we go into a movement that are body deems to be safe for our skill set the CMT hits, making the snap sound and gives the brain a little cuddle allowing it to go safely a little further than first thought. This may allow you a little more range next time and can be incredible for those who are hyper-mobile too!

To experience this piece of kit in action email joanne@fasterfunction.com



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