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Product Details – Totally Derma

This powder supplement is mixed a collagen drink which contains patented Arthred® bovine hydrolysed collagen, a superior form of collagen which is small in molecular size, therefore easily absorbed by the bloodstream. Other active ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, Zinc and peptides which improve both the skin and the body’s internal health. Totally Derma has undergone thorough scientific research and has great proven results.

The Daily Mail asked Dr Stephanie Williams, consultant dermatologies, if collagen supplements really work. She thinks so, and rated Totally Derma as the best in the market.

  • To see the most significant results, Totally Derma recommends taking the supplement for at least three months, but most users will see an improvement in their skin after just three weeks.
  • Free of the most common allergens, preservatives and artificial additives, and flavoured with natural sugars for a great tasting drink.
  • Taken daily, mixed with water or juice it will repair,  rejuvenate and replenish your skin.




Totally Derma

We often think about all the different topical treatments we can put on our skin. From moisturisers to retinoids, serums to scrubs we use them all. But what about tackling anti-aging and achieving glowing skin from the INSIDE. That’s where Totally Derma comes in.  This Anti-ageing nutraceutical drink improves your skin, gut and bone health. Nutraceuticals are defined as food, or part of food, that provides medical or health benefits. This includes the prevention or treatment of diseases – powerful. It is scientifically proven and packed with the highest levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid. We love that Totally Derma delivers a natural way for us to achieve younger-looking skin as well as many other health benefits.

How does it work?

This must-have product works in two ways. Firstly, it works externally, working to improve the firmness, volume and elasticity of the skin, as well as making your skin look and feel hydrated and smoother. Your hair and nails will also become stronger and look noticeably healthier. But it doesn’t just deliver skin deep benefits. Secondly, it offers increased collagen production which means less stiffness in your joints making moving and exercising more comfortable. It is a great supplement for mature and menopausal women. Additional benefits also include improved gut health and an increase in the body’s natural free-radical defence mechanisms.

Why choose Totally Derma?

Unlike some other collagen drinks, Totally Derma contains THERAPEUTIC doses of each ingredient. It also contains the complete spectrum of collagens (Type I, II & III). It’s a Skin Drink which contains 200% and 40% more collagen than some other skin drinks (*in the form of 10,000 mg. of therapeutic dosage Arthred hydrolysed animal sourced collagen). Unique to this product, it contains the therapeutic dosage of 210 mg. of patented Synovoderma Hyaluronic Acid. Other Brands have NO Hyaluronic Acid or just a trace.

HA is shown to have a durable effect to retain moisture in the skin from inside the body. In a double-blind, 4-week study, individuals who added hyaluronic acid to their diet showed significant reductions in skin dryness, wrinkles, and improvements in skin moisture and fullness.
(Aesthetic Dermatology Vol.12 :109~120, 2002)

Want healthier younger looking skin? For us it’s a no brainer – choose Totally Derma.