Luxury aromatheraphy candles
Luxury aromatheraphy candles
Luxury aromatheraphy candles

Women Of Inspiration Candles

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Product description – SPECIAL OFFER

Gloria – Earthy Moss & Sea Spray with oakmoss and sea salt

Indra – Beach Holiday with exotic mimosa, neroli and lemon scents

Oku – Rose Wood with romantic classic rose and opulent oud

Maya – Island Breeze with fresh coconut & white tea




Large size, 260g,
Burn time 60-65 hours
9cm high, 8cm diameter
Glass container






Women Of Inspiration Candles

The Women of Inspiration Candles will help you remember that relaxing and unwinding is such an essential part of a healthy balanced life. Indulge in these Women of Inspiration scented candles and you will certainly feel soothed and at ease, as well as inspired. Made with essential oils, these beautiful candles create a delicate atmosphere that comes from aromatherapy oils and burn cleaner and much longer than paraffin-based candles.
We love how they also add a soft glow to the ambience of any room and that they’re long-lasting too. These candles smell amazing when lit, but they also let off a beautiful scent in a room when unlit too!
Combining elegant feminist designs and luxury natural ingredients, these candles make a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Who are the Women of Inspiration? 

In honour of the icons of women’s liberation – the activists, poets, journalists, politicians, businesswomen, firebrands, authors, wives, mothers and lovers who dedicated their lives and work to affirming the equality of women in every sphere of life, the world over.

Let’s keep the flames of their inspiration burning bright.

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

St. Francis Of Assisi


Maya – Island Breeze. On our calming white candle design we have Maya. This candle reminds us of an island breeze – a fresh scent that throws off a subtle fresh coconut fragrance mixed with exotic white tea. Imagine yourself on a tropical island with a cool summer breeze, sun and sand.

Gloria – Earthy Moss & Sea Spray. The Gloria candle design in black is scented with earthy moss & sea spray with top notes of woody oakmoss and freshness of sea salt. You’ll sense that ‘being in nature’, uplifting feeling as the scent transports you to either the forest or the sea shore. Get the best of both worlds with a scent that appeals to both men and women.

Oku Rose Wood. Romantic red with a hint of pink, this candle sets off a rosewood and rich floral scent. It’s a classic, romantic rose and opulent oud smell.

Indra Beach Holiday. Our turquoise green candle adds cool and vibrant colour to any room. Picture outdoor, Beach Holiday vibes with exotic mimosa, neroli and lemon scents.

How they’re made:

Experts have created our gorgeous artisan candles. They are dedicated to their craft, creating candles that look special in any setting. Our soy wax is made from non-gm soybean oil and is biodegradable. It doesn’t contain minerals or paraffin and is renewable and toxin-free. With no carbon soot emitted, it burns 30 – 50% longer and has a better scent throw. Our range was born out of a desire to share the experience of mood-enhancing, uplifting candles. They aim to create a distinctive ambience and bring a sense of wellbeing and luxury into our homes.


How to care for your candle 

  •   Always make sure your environment is well ventilated.
  •   When you first burn your candle, let it burn for about 1.5 – 2 hours so the entire top surface becomes liquified. This
    reduces the ‘tunnel’ effect and creates a more even burn as the wax goes down.
  •   Keep your candle out of drafts and don’t ever leave it burning unattended.
  •   Burn only for up to 4 hours at a time.
  •   Once snuffed out, check the wick when set and trim to 5mm each time.
  •   Burn your lovely candle until 10mm of wax is left at the bottom.

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Maya – Island Breeze, Gloria – Earthy Moss & Sea Spray, Oku – Rose Wood, Indra – Beach Holiday