Now that the UK has announced an easing of lockdown restrictions, restaurants, pubs and cafes will have something to look forward to from the 4th of July 2020. Joyce Ong reports on the benefits of apps that facilitate online orders of food and drink at restaurants

Establishments that are able and willing to comply with new social distancing measures in place, will reopen.

It’ll be interesting to see if customers will come back by the droves, or avoid these establishments. Some, like Wetherspoons, are well prepared for this and have created an app which allows anyone with an iPhone or Android phone to order food and drinks to their table, without leaving their seat.

This helps to allay fears of contagion spread for both staff and their customers, and simply makes good business sense – maintaining customer loyalty and making the ordering process easier are great for boosting restaurant marketing. As a restaurant / pub / cafe business, here’s a sure-fire list of benefits you can have with a food and drink ordering app:

  • Online food ordering on a restaurant is simply convenient. Order a meal, a round of drinks, or both, hassle-free – let the staff bring them to you.
  • The customer pays for the meal or drink upfront – no calling for the staff’s attention in vain, having to wait to pay or be too uncomfortably close to a stranger.
  • If you have a chain of establishments, an app makes it easier for customers to find directions to and information about each of your establishments.
  • Selling merchandise such as gift vouchers? No problem, have them on the app so your customers can browse, pay, even collect the goods while they’re there.
  • Want a quick, easy way to message your customers on special occasions, remind them of your offers, or simply love to share your Instagram posts or YouTube videos with them? That’s right – you can send out push notifications from the app in seconds.

Through making your restaurant ordering system available on Google Play and the App Store, compatible with various payment options, you’re tapping into a market of convenience, popularity, and safety. Order-and-pay and food delivery go hand-in-hand, after all, and transforming your restaurant into one that accomodates to both is a fantastic advantage.

If you’ve been reading this article, I hope it gives you food for thought (pardon the pun).

Affordable and user-friendly

Having a food and drink ordering app really doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury, contrary to popular thinking. As a matter of fact, there are well-designed, user-friendly and affordable restaurant mobile app builders on the market, which, if promoted properly, will generate a return on your investment within months.

As a Marketing Consultancy providing App, Web and SEO solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the UK, we have collectively worked with many small businesses on app projects such as food ordering apps.

If your establishment is planning a reopening come July 4th, contact us to discuss how we can help you find a timely, cost effective and customer friendly solution.

About Joyce Ong

Joyce runs Marketing Tech, a Marketing Consultancy for small and medium sized businesses, and together with a technology partner, deliver solutions such as mobile apps, websites/landing pages and Search Engine Optimisation services.

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