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Judo meaning the “gentle way” is a traditional Japanese martial art, now recognised as an Olympic sport. Ray Stevens, UK Olympian, has his own Academy based in New Malden to share and spread his love of Judo with future generations.

Ray explains that the essence of Judo is to learn how to properly react and show the necessary skills to respond to an attack safely. It teaches people of all ages the importance of thinking on your feet so that in the most efficient way possible. You learn to use a combination of leverage, balance, timing, and skill to gain control of your opponent instead of simply using brute strength to gain the upper hand. Its skilful self-defence techniques once mastered, should stay with you for life. In Ray’s opinion it’s a great skill to empower children with! Ray’s ethos is to provide professional teaching that is not only educational, but also fun, so that children enjoy coming to learn and develop their skills in a safe and friendly setting. At the Academy all coaches are hand selected by Ray himself, and in addition to Judo, the Academy also offers classes in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing & Wrestling. This gives the opportunity for our members to really immerse themselves in a variety of Martial arts.

Judo & martial arts equip children with many skills for life which include:

Confidence: As children progress in Judo classes they are graded, and stripes or colour belt promotions are received. This visual marker to the hard work and progress recognised helps increase children’s confidence and give a sense of achievement.

Discipline: The fighting taught in the dojo is a form of preparation for life’s many challenges. In life, as in Judo, we do not always win. So, learning how to listen to commands in class and compete within a ruleset teaches children resolve and perseverance.

Respect: Judo and Martial arts in general teach students to respect those around you, pay attention to detail, and learn how to present yourself. To have respect for your teacher. Respect for the game and your opponent, and respect for yourself.

Physical Fitness: Judo and all our martial arts classes are a brilliant way to help improve strength, stamina, balance, posture, agility & hand & eye co-ordination. Our classes provide a complete body workout.

Increased Concentration: The class teaching environment we create combined with learning          the rules and systems of martial arts helps improve focus & attention.

Emotional & Mental Wellbeing: Judo is about giving children an outlet for their boundless energy while also discouraging violent behaviour, like many martial arts. Judo focuses on building self-respect, which in turn nurtures the child’s trust, confidence, and judgment so they can grow as balanced and emotionally healthy young adults.

With classes 7 x days a week, and a number of membership options available there is something for everyone!

We offer a free trial session to each new student, and we have a wide variety of classes and membership options for tots, children, students & adults. Why not pop in to see us at Ray Stevens Academy or visit our website to find out more?

To check out our full schedule of classes & activities visit www.raystevensacademy.co.uk or visit us at: Ray Stevens Academy, 253 Burlington Road, New Malden KT3 4NE     T: 020 8241 3788

We look forward to welcoming you at our club soon!

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