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Darling chats to Kerry Barnham from Hummingbird Home Staff about the perfect solution to a happy home

Recruiting a nanny, housekeeper or even senior support for your elderly parents can appear to be a very daunting process particularly if it is your first time. There are many areas that you need to consider that may not be apparent when you first start looking. We are often approached by families that are not entirely sure what they are looking for but know that the current set up just isn’t working for them so need some guidance. With years of experience of assisting families on their journey to finding the right support Hummingbird are prepared to listen to you, discuss the type of help to solve them and then work with you to find the person who makes your home life easier.

Here’s what we learned about finding help and some top tips.

  • Think carefully about what you want in a domestic helper and what type of duties you need them to perform.
  • Every home is different but so are the helpers so finding a person who understands your home and what you need is key to the success of the placement.
  • Be clear about what you are looking for when you interview your candidates as they will also be interviewing you and will need to feel confident about the role they have come to discuss with you.
  • If you need your helper to provide childcare in your absence, it’s essential to spend significant time asking about their experience with children. We suggest following an interview with a trial.
  • We often ask our candidates ‘is there anything you won’t do?’ Running a busy home means change and you need a candidate who is willing to be flexible.
  • More than anything, you should follow your instincts when interviewing potential helpers. Remember, this person will be sharing your home, so just liking him/her counts for a lot.




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