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The Wimbletech CIC project began in Wimbledon back in October 2013 to solve a really simple problem for its founder, David Fletcher. Darling caught up with David to hear his story.

I had funding for a mobile app startup, and was (struggling) working from a combination of coffee shops across London and a small rented room in Wimbledon (aka “The Appcave”). I needed flexible workspace and meeting rooms near where I lived in Wimbledon.

I needed to be surrounded by other like-minded people, with different skills and experiences. I needed an affordable, local space to call ‘home’ – a space shared with people in a similar situation. A flexible space where we could burn the midnight oil, drink huge amounts of coffee and help each other grow, both professionally and personally.

I took to the streets and after lots of searching, I found an under-used meeting room above Wimbledon Library. Libraries need additional ways to generate revenue, awareness and footfall. It was perfect, they could help us and we could help them, together we would be stronger!

We now work with libraries and councils across London and beyond, creating affordable, local work spaces, an alternative to working home alone, from the coffee shop or commuting, from as little as £3 per day or £85 per month. In doing so, we help our members living and working locally to save time and money by helping to reduce the need to travel which is good for the environment too! All this also helps improve the local community experience and local economy; more money through local tills, more local jobs, investment, events and activities. The world is brighter, when we work and shine together!

Welcoming you to smarter Wimbletech:

Our original space in Wimbledon, above Wimbledon Library is open once again. It’s ideal for all those living locally who need an alternative to working from home, the coffee shop or commuting. During Covid we made many improvements in the space, redecorated, upgraded the shared kitchen areas, introduced private, sound proofed booths for phone calls and Zoom meetings and are now ready to welcome everyone back.

What can we offer you:

24/7 access to either a private, members only hot desking area or your own private desk. Wimbletech has space for up to 100 people, lighting fast wifi, unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits, free use of private phone booths for Zoom calls. 

Try us for free

As part of the MertonTogether Campaign, Wimbletech are offering FREE Day Passes for those living in Merton to try out the space => we have 100x free passes to give out before Christmas, so head over to www.wimbletech.com/work-hub/wimbletech to grab yours!

Wimbletech also has a great Meeting & Event space for up to 50+ persons. As part of the MertonTogether Campaign, this space is available for FREE for local organisations running free community events in the evenings or weekends up until Christmas. More information about the Meeting & Event Space can be found on www.wimbletech.com/product/banner or contact laura@wimbletech.com / 07878 123 825

Member Quote:

“A well-run, friendly and focused hub of small business owners who work together, sharing knowledge and ideas as well as providing insight and feedback to each other. It’s a great co-working environment that I would recommend to any small business or entrepreneur looking for a new base.”

Sam Williams, Yourprss.co.uk

Council Quote:

The work of Wimbletech CIC is essential in expanding our library service provision in Merton. The space attracts different kinds of customers to those who use our services whilst delivering new and innovative provision. Wimbletech is a key part of the Council’s ‘Inward Investment Strategy’ and they are a key council partner. The model that David and the team have developed is excellent and complements our services well. Wimbletech CIC has developed at a significant rate and it is a model which I could see replicated across the country.

Anthony Hopkins – Head of Library & Heritage Services, Merton

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