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Join in to #CheerForChildren during the week of 8th-15th June

Kingston, Richmond and Sheen based charity Home-Start launches a campaign this month that acknowledges just how challenging the pandemic has been for so many families and children.  Supported by local Hollywood celebrity Wade Eastwood, they are encouraging everyone to pick up their smartphone, record a cheer and post it on their social media or WhatsApp, nominating at least 3 friends to do the same.  At the same time, they’re asking people to donate via the campaign donation link. The campaign will go live across their website and social media channels at midday on 8th June.

Local Hollywood Stunt Director Wade Eastwood kindly volunteered to direct and film the campaign video in-between working on the next two Mission Impossible films!  The video highlights the struggles many families and children are facing during this unprecedented time, and the ways in which Home-Start provides both practical and emotional support so that no child is left behind.   

“I was lucky to have strong parents who didn’t struggle and could extend their energy and guidance to me. Now as an adult and a parent, I see those families that have small struggles and can’t always communicate positivity as they deal with life’s everyday issues, especially during the current pandemic. I want to give my energy and focus to those families so that they feed off the positivity and advice, transferring it to their children. It’s about giving everyone a fair chance and sometimes we all need a little help! That’s why I have partnered with Home Start….”  Wade Eastwood  

Home Start has supported 330 children and their families over the last year with mental health and wellbeing, loneliness, education and financial hardship. The campaign recognizes both the struggles and achievements of children during this unparalleled time.

Donations made to the charity via the campaign link between 8th-15th June will be DOUBLED!* Please take part and give generously.

*Whilst match funding lasts    

NEW ON-LINE WEB REFERRAL FORM: Please use this form to refer to our services 


Please note that our core service is currently primarily telephone support and home-visiting will remain on hold until further notice. However, we continue to review and to extend the support options available to families, including ‘walk and talk’ and meeting outside, in line with Government’s COVID-19 regulations.  

Home-Start Richmond, Kingston & Hounslow 

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