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Louise Stewart shares the best clinic treatments for instant impact if you haven’t got time for a lengthy treatment program.

We have spoken previously about treatments where results can be achieved after following a treatment plan, often combining different therapies to give optimum results. This is unquestionably the gold standard route to fabulous skin which will look fresh and youthful long term. Sometimes, however, a quick fix is required. Here, Louise Stewart reveals the treatments celebs go for when time is limited and instant impact required. They are also a great way to try out a new clinic before embarking on more technical therapies. You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge the Nakedhealth team have, unquestionably enhanced by Plastic Surgeon David Gateley’s regular training sessions, keeping the team well up to speed with the anti-ageing industry. Being at the top of our list of medical aesthetic clinics in Wimbledon Village, Nakedhealth offer treatments of the highest quality, from fat freezing to specialist massage.

LVL Lash Lift

This great treatment takes half an hour and will transform the eye area for weeks. It really opens up the whole face. Dermalux LED Photodynamic Therapy – bathe under the regenerative red light for 30 minutes and glow for the rest of the day. A Prescription Facial where the skin is skilfully massaged to encourage circulation and replenishment plus the flushing out of toxins not to mention the wellbeing benefits of relaxing for an hour or so. The EndyMed Brow Lift is the Doctor’s favourite for effective skin tightening and really impressive results. Profhilo, a skin booster in a syringe, for natural, weightless volumisation. Best results are seen a few weeks later but when done expertly the skin feels softer, fuller and more glowing the very next day.

Laser Carbon Facial

Also known as The Hollywood Peel. This treatment is quick and effective, and the results are instantaneous. If you want an immediate glow for a big event this multi-taster is the one to book. A carbon lotion is applied to the skin and laser is used to vaporise the combined layer of this and rough, dead cells and impurities within your pores providing a deep clean and gentle peel. The next day you will notice Improved texture and clarity – a clearer, smoother more radiant skin.


A well kept secret and not widely available Pellevé is a pleasant, comfortable treatment offering Immediate and lasting improvement. The Pellevé System delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deeply into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet.The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin, causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. It is a great way to refresh the skin and smooth the wrinkles. Immediately following one treatment the skin appears firer and tighter.


More than just another facial, this is a confidence booster. Hydrafacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively transports botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. In addition Hydrafacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process. After just one treatment you’ll look great. And feel great. Instantly. And the more you use it the healthier your skin will become.

Skin Peels

The skin will function better if cell turnover is efficient. This is often hindered by the surface layer of dead cells, giving a dull, tired look. Encouraging them to shed will cause cell regeneration at a deeper level and the skin will become fresher and more radiant. The Nakedhealth team have a range of industry leading skin peels to choose from. Utilising the power of naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to deeply exfoliate and brighten the complexion also stimulating new cell growth and collagen production. Make-up glides on easily and prescribed serums are easily absorbed to enhance the treatment.

CACI non surgical face lift

The staple of the beauty clinic and a facial treatment which discerning clients return to time and again. It is an ideal facial if you are in need of a speedy solution. It is a facial workout which stimulates the individual muscles. You’ll leave with plumper, more radiant skin, and years taken off you. A course is ideal but a couple of sessions before a special day is the choice of many.

You can book a quick mini consultation or a detailed skin scan to determine your complexion perfection solution. Always talk to the experts about what will work best for you.

**We know you’ll love Hydrafacial – mention DIGIDARLING for £10 off your first treatment (not in conjunction with other offers).**

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