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Lockdown, stress, face coverings and the thought of winter approaching can challenge young skin. There’s a lot of information on the internet but it can send you mad with confusion. Louise Stewart from trusted Nakedhealth Medispa keeps us in the loop with how to approach skin care for young people. She offers some sensible options to help them establish good lifelong habits.


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It may seem like an extravagant option but trusting your pores to a professional is a game changer. Your first visit to Nakedhealth MEDISPA will be a positive and supportive experience. A thorough consultation and skin analysis will equip you with plenty of tips from the most appropriate cleansing routine to how much moisturiser to use. You may be overusing skin products or end up with a cupboard full of plastic bottles which you end up using once.  

Your consultation will often include a Visa Skin Analysis. This allows the specialist to get a more detailed picture of what is going on below the surface of the skin and create a bespoke plan. A treatment program is prescribed to fit in with your personal routine.


Nakedhealth MEDISPA has a range of treatment options from a Deep Cleanse to Theraclear Acne System which is the most advanced option for very troubled and congested skin. The photo-pneumatic device physically sucks dirt from the pores and illuminates the skin with blue and red light to kill bacteria and calm inflammation. The deep cleanse option uses medical grade products, steam and extraction. It’s followed by Dermalux which is an LED light which effectively calms the skin down and has a powerful anti-bacterial and healing effect. Often this alone is enough for a good outcome or for maintaining results. Peels help with increasing the exfoliation process and regulating oiliness. It strengthens the skin barrier it helps to prevent scarring. The latest peels are very gentle and calm the skin rather than irritate. They also help the skin to remain spot free for longer periods.


SkinPen micro needling is another option. To someone with painful acne it sounds unbearable but working with an experienced practitioner you will be advised when the right time to have to have the treatment is. The benefits to troubled skin are twofold. Firstly, it facilitates the absorption of effective topicals which makes a huge difference to improvement time as they penetrate deeper layers of the skin via the mini wounds. Secondly the little punctures from the needles force your skin to repair itself. This increases the collagen and elastin production, minimises the look of the pores and smooths out the skin.


Your skin specialist will give you clear and straightforward advice and propose one or two effective homecare products to maintain the effectiveness of the clinic treatment. In some cases pre-treating the skin with a really effective topical like Medik8 Crystal Retinal 3™ which is a Vitamin A product, retinaldehyde which boasts direct, powerful antibacterial properties. This allows it to target acne-causing bacteria; promoting a healthy, visibly clear complexion. Clenziderm Pore Therapy by Obagi is a product designed for acne sufferers. It’s often prescribed as it has salicylic acid proven to clean deep within the pores to clear skin. The team work closely with Medical Director, David Gateley FRCS, and this enables them to suggest blood tests when appropriate. This saves time and money and identify underlying causes of skin problems.

Reassuring for parents who want their youngsters to establish some sensible habits for lifelong skin health. Times have been tough and unsettling, the great news is that you don’t need to sign up to a membership where there’s pressure to attend monthly. A course of treatments may be advised but you can pay each time or utilise the 0% finance option. There is a positive and friendly vibe at Nakedhealth and there is genuine support for young people who are dealing with a great deal at the moment.


The Nakedhealth MEDISPA Gift Card makes a meaningful present. It can be ordered online and emailed or you can pick one up in store. That’s one off the list!

Being open on Sundays and in the evenings is a real Bonus for youngsters who are either at school or work during the week.


“My teenage son’s skin now looks amazing and he has so much more confidence, thank you to everyone at Nakedhealth MEDISPA”

A Wimbledon Village Mother

“My teenage son suffers from acne which was becoming progressively worse despite using a comprehensive skincare routine. One session of Theraclear has radically changed his skin, the inflammation has reduced and his skin is smoother, clearer and calmer”

G Hopkins

Darling Special Offer

Get your Christmas list started with a Nakedhealth GIFT CARD and get an extra 10% discount. Buy in store by 30 November and just say “darling”.

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