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What is Nordic skincare?

Koti Lifestyle founders Jenny and Tarleena are the Finns behind a UK based Nordic beauty site and passionate to spread their knowledge of what the latest beauty trend is really about.

For most people, Scandinavia, or Nordic countries, will bring up thoughts of hygge, minimalist Scandi decor and simple, functional, yet striking designs. But, for a while now, Nordic beauty has been on its way to become another icon of Scandinavia. We refer not to the beautiful women of the north, but to Nordic skincare, which is taking the beauty industry by a storm.  Where we are confined in so many ways in the middle of a global pandemic, Nordic Skincare reminds us (or should do) of vast forests, crystal clear lakes and the pristine nature of the North.

What is Nordic beauty and skincare? We don’t see it just as another beauty trend, but rituals and products drawing on deep roots in the culture of Nordic countries. Nordic countries (that’s Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland if there was any doubt) share something special in their cultures – connection with nature. Since childhood, we are taught to respect nature, enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather, appreciate what the forests and lakes give us, both physically and mentally. Friluftsliv (Norwegian for “fresh air life”) is being in the Nordics. The Nordic ideals of a simple and healthy lifestyle are not only appealing but beneficial at all levels. They are the key to freedom and quality of life that can only be achieved through harmony with nature.

Nordic beauty is about achieving and maintaining for a lifetime, a fresh-faced, clean and healthy glow. Nordic skincare brings together the best of science and natural indigenous ingredients in products that make Nordic beauty possible for all – sustainably. Emphasis on research and innovation, using high quality locally grown ingredients and relying on traditional methods which prioritise quality over volume output, is a common theme in most Nordic skincare brands.

Why choose Nordic skincare?

What makes Nordic skincare different? To this question, we only have one answer: The ingredients. Northern Europe is famous for its pure, untouched nature and ancient knowledge of its healing powers.  Nordic skincare formulators have a drive to make natural, effective and sustainable skincare and have ‘muutos’, which means to continuously innovate. This, combined with having local access to some of the best ingredients on the planet, give Nordic skincare crafters an edge above others. Simply put, we choose Nordic skincare as we want only the best for our skin, sustainably and naturally. 

Nordic skincare uses local, wild-grown ingredients. Wild-grown means that the plants are not interfered with by humans until harvesting and have to rely on the rich, nutritious soil of untouched enclaves to thrive. As wild plants are exposed to more environmental stressors they contain more nutrients than their organically grown counterparts. What makes Nordic wild-grown ingredients special is the extreme environment they grow in. In the north, the growing period is very short. The plants need to work extra hard to absorb vast amounts of energy and nutrients during the short summer months to survive the harsh, dark winter. And we want those nutrients on our skin – obviously. 

Our top 3 Nordic ingredients 

Arctic lingonberry has very high anti-oxidants content. This protects the skin from external factors which contribute to aging, such as pollution, toxins, and impurities.⁠ It’s also packed with vitamin C, vitamin A (as beta carotene), B family vitamins. This means that lingonberry works very well to reduce visible signs of ageing and aids in the skin’s restorative processes by strengthening collagen and elasticity. 

Birch sap is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, purify, and hydrate skin. It contains 17 amino acids, minerals, enzymes, proteins, antioxidants, and vitamins, all of which are beneficial for the skin. Birch sap is being used as an alternative to water in various skin care products such as toners and creams.

Sea buckthorn oil comes from another Nordic super berry. The deep rich colour tells about its high concentration of beta-carotene. It helps stimulate new skin cell growth and the production of collagen which makes it a wonderful ingredient in skincare.

Our top 3 Nordic skincare products

Senja Berry Bomb Rich Day and Night Cream –  This rich moisturiser is formulated around wild-grown Nordic ingredients. It contains moisturising organic birch sap and Finnish wild berries. Blueberry and crowberry help prevent premature signs of ageing, while lingonberry brightens skin and prevents hyperpigmentation.

Nordic skincare trend

Hetkinen Pine and Peppermint Soap Set – When you think of Nordic beauty, it’s not only about quality products, it’s also about closeness to nature and the minimalist, thoughtful design. Hetkinen is a perfect example of this with their innovative pine dishes and minimalist ingredients lists. This is the very reason why we love them – especially these beautiful soap sets that bring a piece of Nordic forest and design to everyone’s bathroom.

Nordic skincare trend

Arctic Beauty Oil – This facial oil is packed with all the Arctic super berries. It strengthens the skin, increases elasticity, protects the skin against premature ageing and brightens the complexion. The active ingredients include both Arctic lingonberry and sea buckthorn, and these super ingredients combined in the oil offers antioxidant protection. This slows down skin ageing, while moisturising and brightening. It also protects your skin against UV damage and improves its elasticity. Perfect oil for dry and ageing skin.

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⁠Who are we?

The Koti Lifestyle founders, Jenny and Tarleena, share quite a few things in common; both relocated to the UK from Finland after finishing their university degrees a few years back – and they both also love organic skincare and cosmetics.

After a while, they noticed that they struggled to find their favourite Nordic organic skincare products in the UK. Together they decided to change this. These two women joined their strengths, Tarleena’s BA degree and knowledge in marketing, and Jenny’s Cosmetology studies and ever-growing interest in the ingredient and science side of skincare – and Koti Lifestyle was born.

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