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We find out about some exciting new technology Nakedhealth is offering, which will strengthen your core stability and help to tone your pelvic floor. ‘We are fully open and delighted to unveil our BODY SUITE’, Louise Stewart at Nakedhealth MEDISPA tells us.

With Plastic Surgeon David Gateley at the helm, it is reassuring to know that all carefully selected technologies have their place in helping patients achieve their body goals and improve their wellbeing. Having been successfully treating patients with unwanted pockets of fat by utilising the world class CoolSculpting (fat freezing) method, Nakedhealth have now upgraded to CoolSculpting ELITE which enables two body areas to be treated at the same time. The whole technology has been rethought and upgraded to enable better coverage, efficiency and comfort.

Whilst CoolSculpting ELITE addresses the issue of excess fat, there is a high demand for better muscle definition too. After extensive research delving into the efficiency of a number of different technologies EMsculpt came out as the front runner.


EMsculpt deploys High Intensity Focussed Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM®) which targets the muscles, creating intense contractions which you cannot achieve in a normal exercise routine. This helps to build muscle and burn fat by causing over 20,000 contractions in one 30 minute session or the equivalent of 11 squats or tummy crunches per second. On average patients see a 16% increase in muscle mass and a 19% average fat reduction 2-4 weeks post treatment. There is no downtime after the treatment and each session only takes 30 minutes. The abdomen treatment builds and strengthens the core muscles whilst burning belly fat.

Many people are aware of “butt lifting” treatments through celebrities such as Kim Kardashian but not many have the alleged £70K to spend on their rears! Emsculpt does not claim to create something out of nothing but helps increase the strength and tone of the gluteal region resulting in a rounder, firmer more lifted buttock.

EMsculpt is a game changer for men and women keen to improve abdominal tone or who want a more lifted, shapely bottom. It is ideal for anyone looking to support their gym training but equally for those who are out of the habit of exercising and want a super boost.

4 sessions are recommended at two a week. Arms and calves can also be treated and thighs will be available later in June. If you’re still wondering how it works, you may find this video informative:

The treatment works very effectively after Coolsculpting ELITE. “Patients have been pleased with the results of their CoolSculpting but then want better muscle definition”, says Pegah, Senior Aesthetic Therapist.

EMsculpt has years of research behind it and is in a different league to any other muscle stimulating technology. It was voted by RealSelf patients as “The Most Worth it Treatment in 2020”.

Having been impressed with the HIFEM technology Nakedhealth MEDISPA also introduced the EMsella chair. You don’t get visible results that you do with EMsculpt but if you have any intimate concerns this is a life changing solution.

The EMsella chair is the ultimate remedy for strengthening the pelvic floor. The intense effect on the muscles utilises the same technology as the EMsculpt, HIFEM. Sitting for 28 minutes induces thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor contractions. EMsella treatment intensely works the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them so that they can hold the bladder and urethra together tighter, providing control and strength so that you don’t have to worry about embarrassing leaks when you least expect them. This can happen when lifting heavy objects, laughing or sneezing. Having to get up several times at night also interrupts valuable regenerative sleep. The treatment is suitable for men or women suffering with stress or urge incontinence.

EMsella also treats those seeking improvement to the quality of their intimate life. Vaginal laxity is common in postnatal and postmenopausal women due to strain on the tissue in the vaginal canal or the loss or oestrogen and collagen in the body. EMsella treatment improves vaginal laxity by lifting, tightening and boosting the tissues and strengthening the vaginal wall, improving confidence and control.

In confidential conversations with patients over the 17 years that Nakedhealth clinic has been open it is clear that many people are seeking a treatment which will have a positive impact on their health and happiness. Even occasional urinary incontinence incidences can take you by surprise and cause embarrassment or even limit some activities.


Is it embarrassing to book this treatment?

Not at all! The whole Nakedhealth team are using it. Everyone wants things to be even better than they are. Sometimes it is even used to tone the muscles in preparation for pregnancy. This is a game changer. Remembering to do pelvic floor exercises and then doing them effectively is really hard. This is the lift we all need.

“Confidence and poise achieved through core to floor strength cannot be overemphasised” says Louise. It’s not just Darling that’s obsessed! Take a look at Emsculpt being featured on ExtraTV.

To find out more about what Nakedhealth offers? Read more on here or book your very own session, contact NAKEDHEALTH Medispa.

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