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Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear

Medical Aesthetic treatments need to be used simply, elegantly and with precision. They can help create inner wellbeing and happiness that radiates outward to affect all aspects of our lives. It’s a well known truth that when we are happy on the inside, we become powerful creators of happy events, situations and circumstances in our individual lives. Put simply, our inner world is reflected in our outer world.

“Hi, I’m Sinead the Medical Aesthetic Practitioner at Esher Health Village, a well-being hub to help you look and feel great. Trained as a registered general nurse and independent Nurse Prescriber in my homeland Ireland over 30 years ago. I’ve been practicing now for over 20 years, having first been introduced to medical aesthetic treatments when I was the product specialist for Botox (Allergan). Botox is the leading brand for cosmetic treatments and it was a privilege to be a part of this growing thriving industry at the very beginning.

Less is more in aesthetics

What truly inspired me to practice was watching the industry flourish. My mission back then, and more importantly today, is to be the point of contact for anyone looking for a practitioner who genuinely cares about you as an individual. This is especially important when you are feeling vulnerable. I am that someone who is easy to talk to and understands that true beauty begins within. When it is nurtured, it radiates outward as a beautiful glowing light.

I have a very spiritual approach to my work. I work from the inside out. I know from personal experience that when I am happy I glow. Happiness and joy are truly our best cosmetic. I’ve observed  the changes that occur when we are not feeling at our best. When life gets stressful it begins to show on our faces. The eyes are the window to the soul as the saying goes. It’s natural for us to reach for cosmetic treatments for a ‘quick fix’ when we are not feeling our very best. It is important at this point to be in the hands of someone that is caring and understanding.  

My nickname is the Magic Pixie and my ethos is one of honest ethical results…….with a little bit of magic Pixie dust! 

During my journey in this industry, I have witnessed the sad overuse of products. Social media images of beautiful people who have altered their look through cosmetic procedures to now look unrecognisable.  This hurts my soul.  I listen, really listen to my clients and together we devise a treatment that enhances ( not alters ) their own individual beauty. In fact I am known for talking many a client out of doing many a treatment!

One of my specialities is advanced treatments of the lower face and neck. Many  are unaware that a combination of treatments here can create the effect of a mini face lift without any invasive techniques resulting in a very natural appearance. Less truly is more!

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and most importantly a beautiful soul”

As your Medical Aesthetic Practitioner I am here to assist you to be your best self both within and out. If this resonates with you I’d be delighted to chat. All consultations are free with no obligation.


Get in touch with Sinead at https://www.instagram.com/the_magic_pixie/

When we nurture ourselves within it brings an inevitable positive transformation to every aspect of our lives. We look and feel great ready to take on the world.

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