Looking fabulous forever at 71! And the pleasure of working with her daughters.

When Tricia Cusden hit the menopause, she discovered that the makeup she had used for years no longer suited her skin. Insulted that the beauty industry only wanted to sell her anti-ageing cosmetics, Tricia decided to create her own brand, Look Fabulous Forever, aimed at supporting post-menopausal women. Tricia talks to Darling’s Helen Adams, about new year’s resolutions, the French and how being 71 is a liberation!




Where did the idea of Look Fabulous Forever come from?

We are all living longer. I could live another thirty years and when I started Look Fabulous Forever, I needed a challenge. I’ve always loved makeup and business and I’m naturally entrepreneurial. I floated the business idea with my two daughters one Mother’s Day – they said it was brilliant!


How do you find your customers cope with online shopping?

There’s a myth that older women are afraid of online shopping, our business is a testament to that.


Do you ever encounter self-doubt?

I feel one advantage of being older is that you already have experience of whatever you’re confronting. I’ve had a normal life: both of my parents have died, I’ve divorced, my granddaughter has been very ill. You know in these situations: “This too shall pass.”


What’s your greatest business success?

The constant feedback from older women. Also, going to the Oscars – we flew out there with our products for the Oscar nominee goody bags!


What’s next for you and Look Fabulous Forever?

Reaching new people.


Do you have any tips for younger women, preparing for later life?

Be conscious that your skin will be bombarded by chemicals and pollution every day. Wear moisturiser and sun protection, even if you don’t wear makeup.


You work alongside your two daughters, Anna and Suzy. What’s it like working with family?

It’s a massive pleasure! There is a deep level of understanding. It’s not without its challenges, but the benefits far outweigh them.


You split your time between England and France. How are English and French women different?

I feel there is far less ageism in France. Local people look at you, they notice you. Older women are allowed to be attractive, sexy if you like.


Tell us about your female role models.

Oh, Dame Judi Dench! She has a wicked sense of humour and is quite naughty! It’s really important to see women who are older and still doing so well. There’s nothing to dread about being older! Queen Elizabeth and David Attenborough – they’re amazing examples!


Throughout your life, what beauty trend has made your stomach turn?

Facial fillers really bother me. I think frozen faces look bland and it pushes the notion of staving off ageing.


What style changes have you made throughout the years?

I wear more brighter colours now than I have ever done! This year, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy black, grey or navy.


This winter, what does a typical night in for you look like?

I don’t drink alcohol, so there’ll be no red wine by an open fire! I know it’s not popular to say, but I love television! A foreign language box set is great. At the moment, I’m watching Spiral, a French police series.


What do you think of New Years Resolutions?

My New Year’s resolution every year, is to learn something new. As you age, it’s really important to keep your mind open.


What do you feel is the biggest benefit to your mental health?

A combination of engagement in the business and making a difference to people’s lives – it’s very stimulating. Live with a purpose.


 Check out Look Fabulous Forever online or visit a store for a makeover, in either Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon or       

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