Darling North Surrey

Reader and Client Testimonials

Advertising with Darling has been made so easy with Philippa and the team helping me from start to finish. Darling has given me fantastic presence in the local area and created new contacts. Hummingbird Nannies would recommend advertising in Darling to any local business. Kerry Barnham, Hummingbird Nannies
We have had an excellent response following our series of advertisements in Darling Magazine. Sandeep Kumar, Borwal's
Received my copy this morning. Looks great and the extra endorsement is always a bonus. The magazine is very much out there, it's a real pick-up and read publication compared to the others we receive. Congratulations on its success. Amanda Cooper, Puddleduck Nannies
Darling is a great publication - it's so easy to read and I thoroughly enjoy every issue. Joanne Potton, reader
Liked the new edition – you’ve really hit a niche I think as there’s always something interesting to read (unlike many of the local free magazines which are purely adverts/dull articles about cars!) Alison Aitkins, Reed's School
Our advertisement in the last issue has been a huge success. Thank you. Karina Bentley, Bentley Surrey Ltd
We loved the Schools in the News Page – thanks for that! Duly tweeted and face booked! Louise Plummer, Notre Dame School
I loved the latest issue - the covers keep getting better and better and the articles as well. I greatly appreciate all of the exposure you are giving the charity. You are very generous and your support of the work I do is unmatched. Thank you for all of these opportunities. You do a great job! Charlene Peterson, The Peterson's Fund
It's been a pleasure working with the Darling team from inception. The feedback for the magazine has been nothing but complimentary and the number of responses to my beauty features grows with each edition. I'm delighted to be a regular contributor and look forward to continuing this with you. Izzy, Owner Institut de Beauté
I saw the interview piece in Esher when I was cold calling - looks great! Luisa Salussolia, The Cricketers, Cobham
Thank you for offering me the opportunity to be on the front cover. As part of my attempt to increase my presence, it was a great boost! I hope it was successful for you too! May Simpkin, Nutritional Therapist
I wanted to congratulate you on the April-May issue – it was packed with great articles, all of which I was interested to read! I read it cover to cover and was amazed at how much there was in it! It's great that it is definitely coming across as an interesting magazine that isn't just about adverts or recommendations, which I think gives it more gravitas. Well Done! May Simpkin, Nutritional Therapist
I managed to pick up a copy from Waitrose in Cobham today. It looks FABULOUS (the whole magazine, not just my bit!) but I am delighted that I got a full page - something I hadn't expected. I really have something to shout about now. Thanks again. Kirsten Brown, Independent Consultant & Ambassador for Fabulous Women
We are pleased to see that the article had a response which shows positive proof that it is being read. Fabio Capozzi, Academy Hair Salon
I have just had a chance to look at the magazine and have had lots of calls and texts about it. Lisa Greer, Ride Studio Cobham
Thank you so much for including the page on the Fabulous Women charity fundraising evening - everyone was very pleased. I appreciate how difficult it is producing a magazine and think you are doing a splendid job. Jackie Mitchell, Fabulous Women
I got the magazines and they look lovely. I have put them up for you in our display stands. Melanie Ingram, The Cobham Curve
Another fabulous issue – thank you! I really enjoy the range of articles, beauty and hair tips, as well as the social pages and was thrilled to see myself in the last issue! It's great to see what local people in the community are up to. I never realised there was so much going on. Lisa Breuer, Reader
Well done on another great issue – the cover is fabulous. There is a good variety of articles, advertisements and interesting information. The On the Scene pages are a real hit. I also really like the Out and About and recipe pages. Madeline Mcmurdo, Reader
I loved the Summer edition of Darling. The new cover concept is especially good and the overall look and feel of the publication seems to be getting better and better. Charlene Peterson, The Petersons Fund
Many thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your great magazine. The Mayor of Elmbridge, Mike Bennison
I have had wonderful feedback about the article. Everyone who read it said it was very well written! My new business is now up and running and I was wondering what the lead time and fees are for advertising in the magazine as you reach my key target audience. Tracy Edwards MBE
The magazine looks great - it just keeps getting better and better! Julie Allen, Jules PR
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the copy of Darling which I received today. The magazine looks fantastic, very fresh and just right for summer too! I also loved my advert and thank you for giving it a good position in the magazine too. Iyrna Boost, Personal Trainer
I popped into Maison Blanc at the weekend and there was only one copy left! We had lovely feedback from the last issue and so many people commented. I showed it to Joan Collins too. Karen Sugarman, Shooting Star CHASE
On behalf of the Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust thank you for covering both the Riverhill Opening and the unveiling of the Avenue of Trees in your picture pages in this month’s edition of Darling. Your interest and support is much appreciated. David Tipping, Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust
Darling Magazine has been very successful in increasing my brand awareness, both through adverts and editorial and I’ve been delighted with the response to the adverts, securing a major long-term project. I’m also a keen reader! Hilary J White Interior Design
I have been meaning to write to let you know that I have had one client come to me directly as a result of seeing one of our articles in Darling and another who also said it was part of her decision to instruct me: so clearly it is working. Veronica Gilmour, Mundays
We were first featured in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Cobham & Esher Darling Magazine and can report that the article elicited an immediate response. Some people who were previously unaware of our gallery have discovered us and we have made some sales as a direct result. The magazine is produced to the highest standards, so suits our business - an art gallery in Esher. We are clearly delighted and will be advertising regularly in this new magazine. Alison Ramsay, The Art Agency
Congratulations on your success! I see the Darling magazine everywhere (even in Waitrose yesterday!) Charles Davenport, Office Head, Knight Frank in Cobham
I want you to know that, unlikely target that I am, I have just spent 10 minutes of my non-existent spare time reading your new magazine. My circumstances are extreme, and I have avoided the time wasters that have come my way during the 20 years since I bought a house in Cobham. Congratulations on diverting my attention to personal matters for the first time with Darling's presentation and content. Good luck for the future. Judith Harris-Jones, reader
Thanks for the latest issue - what a lovely magazine. Olivier Blanc, creator of Henri Le Worm
The whole magazine reads very well. You always present articles on such well chosen subjects and manage to get interesting people to contribute. Well done. Joan Morris, reader and English Consultant.
Well done and thank you for such a brilliant article - quite a few customers have mentioned it. I must say you do an amazing job putting the whole thing together. Sally Smith, owner of Unismart
I was in Cobham shortly after the last issue came out and I was so pleased to see that it was displayed really well everywhere we went ie the coffee shop and Waitrose. Judy Stafford, Stafford Gallery
When free publications come through my door, my heart usually sinks at the waste of money and trees! But not in the case of Darling. You've managed to produce a really interesting read. It's not easy to hit the mark with publications, free or not, and nobody understands how much work is involved until they have done it themselves, but you've done a great job. I particularly enjoyed the Jacqueline Gold article. Karen Dempster, Communications Expert and Reader
Darling Magazine is an extremely good publication, well written & well thought out, we at MSM myselfiemedia can't recommend it enough. This by-monthly magazine will grow & grow in no time, mark our words ! Look out for it....or miss out ! Mike Lloyd-Underwood, MSM